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The Cosmos Summit

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Category  Branding Identity, Illustrations, Collateral Design

Client     The Cosmos
Role       Designer
Year       2019

The Cosmos is a community made for
and by Asian women and non-binary individuals. It's a safe space where wellness and health are at the core of
our mission. On August 25th, we gathered
over 300 Asian entrepreneurs, creatives, students, and leaders in Brooklyn to connect and learn.

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The theme was Home-bound. As POC, home can be perceived as one of the most complex facets of our identity. I wanted to highlight the ways that Asian women and non-binary people can be multidimensional. From our identity to the way we dress, we're not linear. But we share a similar narrative in our history.


Beyond our social media, we wanted to amplify the broader landscape and took it to the streets of New York.

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The design was produced into collateral day of the summit which included signage, name tags, and programs.

082519 The Cosmos Homebound
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