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Slant'd Magazine

Slant'd Issue 04.jpg

Category  Editorial Illustration

Client     Slant'd
Year       2020

Slant’d is a collective of Asian Americans celebrating the journey of self discovery. Their mission is to cultivate the community that Asian Americans want, need, and deserve. Built from the ground up by and for Asian Americans, Slant’d is grounded in diversity, fueled by human connection, and ignited by boundless creativity.

Slant'd Issue 04.jpg

My illustrations accompany Kayako Ono's screenplay "If It's Easier." It explores the revolutionary act of reclaiming her Japanese name in a short screenplay about Mayuko, a freshman in college, who introduces herself at the start of the term, but finds her peers struggling to say her name properly. Mayuko contests with her sense of identity and whether it’s worth reconfiguring her name
to fit in the mouths of others.

Slant'd Issue 04.jpg
Slant'd Issue 04.jpg

I feel very lucky to be visualizing a narrative that I've had to grapple with throughout my whole life. Thank you Kayako for allowing me to reclaim that narrative. And a special thank you to AD Vanessa Shyu for giving me a space to express that.


Issue 04: Revolution is now available for purchase.

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