Branding Identity, Illustrations, Social Activation / 2019

To truly make consent common sense, we need to do more than educate people, we need to reach people in the moment when
it can make the biggest impact. At music festivals, when people are often vulnerable and under the influence, we used AirDrop to deliver a message to everyone that made consent top of mind. By simulating the feeling of having their space violated, our interaction started many important conversations about consent when they mattered most.

We used technology to facilitate conversations about consent. By using AirDrop, the user experience served as a lesson about consent before our message was even opened. For those who chose to accept our message and learn more, it allowed us to start a dialogue in an approachable and consensual way.

I lead the entire design look and feel when we launched LGC. From the web interface to the cheeky illustrations to the AirDrop cards to our Hookup station. The colors, type and overarching voice and visual tone set up what is now used across all social media and design pertaining to LGC.

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ECD: Elaine Cox

ACD: Austin O' Connor, Phil Van Buren

Designer: Linh-Yen Hoang

Executive Producer: Daniel Roversi

Executive Digital Producer: Heather Ruder

Account Executive: Christina Kuklinski

Brand Strategist: Cristelle Fornesi

Media Planner: Ben Shapiro

Strategy Coordinator: Rochelle Stephens

Content Studio Director: Richard Quan

Senior Motion Graphics Designer: Thai Ngo

Senior Front-End Engineer: Lucas Shuman

Engineer: Zach Falen

Editor: Brandy Troxler