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Halo Top


Category  Brand Campaign, Guidelines & Design Tools

Agency    Heat
Role       Lead Designer
Year       2020

The iconic Halo Top low-cal ice cream launched a new campaign focused on how consumers often struggle with the 'shoulds' in their life. We're reminding them to literally 'Stop Shoulding
Yourself' and instead rejoice in all of their accomplishments, big or small.


The campaign called for a new and fresh look and feel. I was tasked with creating the design tone of voice that would be used for the entirety of the 'Stop Shoulding Yourself' campaign, including how it informs all
Halo Top social channels.

HT Spot

Along with a distinct design, a tagline logo was created that bares the iconic name but stood alone as its own mark. The gold lid was a great opportunity to integrate how premium of a product Halo Top is. I wanted to keep the foundation of
the brand in all of the logos. It was a happy coincidence that we had chosen a word that allowed the circular gold lid to live comfortably
in, and look sophisticated too.


Photography was vital to setting the tone
of the campaign so we channeled playful environments and hard shadows reminiscent of editorial design. This was all shot in our first ever remote production in Slovenia.

A brand book was also created that took every design element, thought, and execution and wrapped it up in a guideline for future creative teams to reference.

HT Style Guide.jpg
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